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...For Weirdos who want to learn creating their own eyeball-snapping artwork, without having to do boring and time consuming classic drawing


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Your guide on this adventure will be:
Jesper Bram, Danish Lowbrow Artist and Tattooer. Years ago Jesper managed to escape corporate life as a graphic designer in IT and advertising, to pursue a life long passion for drawing the weird and the wacky.

Meeting other artists. Bram learned that many had given up drawing the old classic way, and found their own way. Because until now, there’s been nowhere to learn what all “the cool kids” are creating…. This changes now, and you are invited…no special talent required.

And friends…

Often we feature a guest artist with a specific talent ex. cars, motorcycles, horror, pin-ups, weirdos, and so forth.

Current list of guests include:
Joe Capobianco (US)
Jime Litwalk (US)
Dirty Donny (US)
John Kenn Mortensen (DK)
Vizman (UK)
Russel Murchie (AUS)
Jasper Andries (NL)
Peter Gustafsson (S)

More to be announced…

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often is New Training Added?

We are constantly working on new course material for you. The list of artists who want to help out as guest instructors are growing weekly. There’s new stuff published every month.

Who is behind this?
That’s me, Jesper Bram… Artist and Tattooer from Denmark. Producer and Co-Director of Flake & Flames the Kustom Kulture Documentary. I’m on a mission to create the most fantastic learning experience for Lowbrow Art Weirdos. Because that’s the kind of community I my self love to be a part of.

Can I get help and feedback on my art?

Certainly! You have direct access to Jesper, and the other instructors who will happily help you, give you feedback and encourage you.

How much time is required?
Most of us have work and family to take care of besides our passion for creating weird things. So everything is setup to be as flexible as possible. There’s people active in the community 24/7 because members are from all over the world. There’s nothing you can’t fit in to a busy life…and really enjoy creating some kickass cool artwork

What materials do I need?
You can do almost everything with just  paper and pencil. The rest depends on your personal preference and what you want to do with your art. We try a lot of different tools. So you can choose what fits what you want.

How many people are already in the program?
There’s currently 130+ other lowbrow weirdos having a ton of fun, and creating like crazy right now. You have the opportunity to get in and influence what the training is about, when you join us.

I’m happy to answer any question you have. Just email me at