Create Your Own Eyeball Snapping Lowbrow Style. Without boring Your Brains Out and Copying other Artists
Get the Skills to Draw What You Imagine
Is Lowbrow Art Academy For You?
 Look At The Two Photos Below. Which One Would You Prefer to Draw?
Congratulations! That's exactly what you learn here. Get the skills to draw Rip Roaring Lowbrow Art using your imagination
Sorry! but this is not the type of work we teach here. There's plenty of other places where you can learn to copy photos
Here’s just a fraction of what you will learn:
  •  Create your own rip roaring style that doesn’t look like someone else’s work
  •  Create your own Monsters, Finks and Weirdos that come alive, and pop out
  •  How to start if you are a beginner and see instant eye-popping results
  •  How to find inspiration outside your bubble to fuel your unique style
  •  Avoid the common pitfalls when trying to sell your art, and actually sell

Say Goodbye to Boring Art Classes for Good
Example. More than 30+ Chapters of Video Training Inside
Example. More than 30+ Chapters of Video Training Inside
Example. More than 30+ Chapters of Video Training Inside
Example. More than 30+ Chapters of Video Training Inside
There's Finally a Training Method made Specifically for Lowbrow- and Weirdo Art Geeks
You'll always know the next step you should be taking, with super efficient training and personal help every step of the way
"A little bit of progress each day will lead to amazing changes in a short period of time."
Meet the Lowbrow Art Academy Instructor Team:
Jesper Bram, Denmark - Jesper’s passion for Lowbrow Art is exceeded by few. He is know around the world for his signature one-eyed “Beardo” character.
Pekka Wizzz - Pekka is a Master Pinstriper and the only European to ever join the prestigious Pinstriping Legends Hall of Fame.
Rob Kruse, California - Lowbrow Artist and Bass Player from The Dynotones, Rob Kruse from California. Rob is an oracle in Lowbrow Art History 
Peter Gustafsson, Sweden - Peter is an absolute ace at drawing and painting both hot babes and seriously crazy creatures.
More instructors to be announced...
The 3 Pillars of Lowbrow Art Academy
Here's what you get unlimited access to when you become a member
Super Efficient Training Videos
Watch and rewatch as many times as you want, when ever you want, from the comfort of your home.
Members Only Community
Feedback and support from fellow weirdos and experts who will keep you on track in our very active Facebook Community.
Monthly Live Coaching Sessions
Get Video Feedback on your work, and hang out with other lowbrow nutters. Recorded so you can watch later.
Grab your Full Access Membership to Lowbrow Art Academy Now, and start Creating Your Own Rip Roaring Style in Minutes!
Monthly Membership
Fixed Monthly Fee
$39 per month
Recurring payment - cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse
Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee
Yearly Membership
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Only $299 per year
( That's less than $25/m ) You Save $169 !!!
Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee
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Flake & Flames Overdrive Box Set - Value $27

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the 4 DVD box set released in 2016. Contains the original Kustom Kulture Documentary film (2013) That have inspired Thousands of Lowbrow Geeks and Kustom Kulture Fans. + 20 New Short Films taking you closer to selected people featured in the original film. Features: The Pizz, Von Franco, Dirty Donny, Frank Kozik, Vince Ray, Coop, Rob Kruse and many more...

The Complete iPad Pro Drawing Course - Value $180

In this complete course on Get Started to create art on iPad Pro. Jesper show you how to quickly get started drawing your own designs and transfer your daily workflow to digital, without all the hassle of using computers.
Bram started helping professional tattoo artists get comfortable creating art digitally in 2016. Now finally a newly revised version of his tried and tested class is available online exclusively to Lowbrow Art Academy Members.
These Guys Were Not Encouraged to Say These Things.....
Concerned that you don't have time to enjoy your Lowbrow Art Academy Membership?
Here's what some of the current members with the same concern, said after they joined...
When you ask the members "What would you say to recommend Lowbrow Art Academy to a friend?" Here's what they tell you:
"This is the real thing! They work with you, and there's fresh material every week. It's way way better than the one or two day weekend classes that many artists give, which really don't teach you much."
"That it makes drawing fun and helps build creativity in a new way."
"A great platform and inspiring place to improve your lowbrow drawing skills and sourrounded by likeminded people. Just GO for it..."
"Obviously i would tell how super supportive group of people we have here. It is so refreshing to see how supportive everyone is about others art."
"It's awesome and is one of the best training courses I've done."
"Its something completely different to other courses its new and its a very nice atmosphere, Jesper is a very cool character and teacher too."
"I'd just show them the results. It's been great to see the progression of everyone."
"Well a friend of mine that asked about the academy is now a member. I basically told him what I hoped to get out of this academy and said if you wanna push yourself to the next level and have fun doing so that he should join and well he did :-)."
"After joining the Lowbrow Art Academy I enjoy drawing as I was 10 years old again."
"Definitely join the people are cool and there is a wide range of artists levels from begin er to expert."
"Absolutely join. The members are friendly, the help is there you just have to ask, and it's a place with like minded weirdos." goes on. But I think you get the idea right?
We are looking forward to see you inside
30-day money back guarantee
Monthly Payment Membership: $39 per month
Frequently Asked Questions
How Often is New Training Added?
Currently Every Week there's a new chapter added to the at least one of the courses in the training library. Later on there will be new training with guest instructors monthly.
Can I get help and feedback on my art?
Certainly! You have direct access to me, and the other instructors who will happily help you, give you feedback and encourage you.
What materials do I need?
You can do almost everything with just  paper and pencil. The rest depends on your personal preference and what you want to do with your art. We try a lot of different tools. So you can choose what fits what you want.
Who is behind this?
That's me, Jesper Bram... Artist and Tattooer from Denmark. Producer and Co-Director of Flake & Flames the Kustom Kulture Documentary. I'm on a mission to create the most fantastic learning experience for Lowbrow Art Geeks. Because I would have loved to attend something like this when I came up as an artist.
How much time is required?
Most of us have work and family to take care of besides our passion for creating weird things. So everything is setup to be as flexible as possible. There's people active in the community 24/7 because members are from all over the world. The only thing that happens on a specific time is the monthly Live Training. But it's recorded. So you can watch or re-watch if you miss it.
How many people are already in the program?
There's currently 130+ other lowbrow geeks having a ton of fun, and creating like crazy right now. So unlike traditional fine art programs with thousands of students. You have the opportunity to get in and influence what the training is about, when you join us now.
I'm happy to answer any question you have. Just email me at
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